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"Spell to Write and Read" 

Language Arts Program

by Wanda Sanseri

Spell to Write and Read "Basic" Materials:

  • Spell to Write and Read Manual
  • Wise Guide for Spelling

  • 70 Phonogram Flash Cards
  • 29 Spelling Prompt Flashcards
  • Reproducible Master Charts
  • 70 Phonograms CD

  • Learning Log - one per student

Primary Log: pre-formatted charts; dotted lines (young student)              Standard Log: pre-formatted charts for older students.

Additional Products:

  • Phonogram Fun Packet  (Adding FUN to the program!)
  • Alpha List
  • Cursive First! Handwriting Program
  • McCall-Crabb 5-in-1 Comprehension Book
  • You Can DO It! - DVD

Spell to Write and Read Manual

Wanda Sanseri's comprehensive approach includes:  

  • penmanship
  • reading
  • composition
  • dictionary skills
  • English grammar, based on the "thinking to spell" process.  
  • how to prepare preschoolers
  • detailed lesson plans
  • improved and added reference pages
  • simplified Scope & Sequence
  • a glossary of terms
  • and so much more!  

The WISE Guide for Spelling

Companion text for Spell to Write and Read Manual       

  • Includes 2,000 spelling words, spelling markings & rules
  • Daily Reinforcement Activities (including sign language!) included with grammar and composition.
  • Daily lesson plans. 

70 Basic Phonogram Flash Cards 

  • 45 sounds of the English language, spelled in 70 different ways.
  • Phonogram: a letter or combination of letters representing one or more of the 70 sounds.
  • Front of card: one phonogram in lowercase
  • Back of card: pronunciation and handwriting cues
  • Flash card is printed four to a sheet (8.5x11) to be cut apart. 

Spelling Rule Prompt Cards
- $13

  • 29 Basic Spelling Rules
  • Front of card: "a hint" illustrating the rule.
  • Back of card: actual rule, example words, additional information.
  • The flash cards come "four-to-a-sheet"; cut apart.

Primary Learning Log - $6

  • For younger children just starting program
  • 8" X 6.5" with dotted half-lines
  • Pre-formatted charts and spelling pages for younger students with dotted lines

Standard Learning Log - $12

  • For use with older students
  • Pre-formatted charts and spelling pages for older students


Phonogram Fun Packet
- $29.95

  • Reversible Gameboard
  • 6 Teddy Bear playing pieces, 100 chips, 1 die
  • Go The Row game cards (ie. Bingo)
  • Playing Cards: Phonograms & Spelling Rules
  • Reference sheets for phonogram sounds & spelling rules
  • Directions for 9 GAMES!

Have FUN with 70 Phonograms & 29 Spelling Rules!

The Alpha List (Alphabetized Word List)
- $15

  • The 2,000 most frequently mispelled words in alphabetical order.
  • Find the word you're looking for quickly and easily.
  • See markings, word derivatives and spelling rules for each word.

Spell to Write and Read Chart Masters
- $10

  • 26 reproducible masters
  • Flip charts
  • Copy for student worksheets

70 Basic Phonograms CD - $9

  • Use as aide for the teacher
  • Have the students review sounds along with CD or tape.

McCall-Crabbs Standard Test Lessons in Reading + Answer Key Booklet - $45

Books A-B-C-D-E (5Volumes-in-1) & Answer Keys

  • Hardback book (McCall) + Answer Key (Back Home Industries)
  • Questions evaluate ability to find the main idea, gather facts,    make inferences, determine sequence, etc.
  • Every lesson has test questions easy enough for the poorest readers, as well as difficult enough to challenge the best readers.


"Cursive First" Handwriting Manual & Cards - $20

by Elizabeth Fitzgerald - SWR Instructor

  • The History of Handwriting
  • The reasoning for "Cursive before Manuscript"
  • For more information, contact Liz at
  • Complete Teaching Instruction
  • Charts & Masters
  • Reproducible Worksheets



ou Can Do It!" (DVD) - $20

  Britta McColl, SWR Instructor

"...Britta opens the door to her home so that you can see a glimpse of the Spell to Write and Read program at work with her (seven) preschool and grade school children. As you watch, you will realize that YOU CAN DO IT, too!"                            Wanda Sanseri

This DVD demonstrates:

  • How to teach multiple ages at one time!
  • Easy to follow instruction on teaching Spell to Write & Read at home
  • Games for teaching phonograms
  • Instruction on how to do a phonogram quiz
  • The dictation process for both single syllable & multi-syllable words using "fingergrams" or "finger spelling"
  • For more information contact Britta McColl at

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