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U.S. Geography

U.S. Geography FUN Packet


NEW! Regional Maps...More References...Worksheets!!

 No More Boring Geography! 

  • Track family vacations, Mom or Dad's work trips, historical points, and more!
  • Study ONE region at a time: learn about each state, capital & points of interest
  • Research information about states with a Children's Atlas and the internet          
  • Write a mini-report on each state to create a U.S. Notebook
  • Label & color reproducible maps
  • Learn BOTH Postal Abbreviations & Date of Admission to the Union
  • Play a variety of FUN GAMES....and,
  • Get familiar with our country!

U.S. Geography FUN Packet includes:

  • U.S. Wall Map (24" X 48") - folded
  • Yellow States & Capitals Map
  • U.S. Geography Map (11" X 17") - glossy stock
  • Reproducible maps
  • Reference Sheets for States & Capitals, Both Postal Abbreviations, Date of Admission to the Union, State Nicknames, Area, Major Cities, Regional References and more   
  • Reproducible Worksheets (also used for quiz)
  • PLAYING CARDS: States, Capitals, Geography
  • Directions for 9 GAMES!

When using States/Capitals/Geography playing cards on the game board, blank maps are used to match location.

To flatten creases, gently "iron" the back of the map, by using low heat on a clean, hard, flat surface.  Tape to a sturdy backing such as a Foam Core board, available at office supply stores (and sometimes the Dollar Store, etc.) Once adhered to a sturdy backing, the map may be stored behind a couch or bookcase when not in use (not requiring wall space for hanging).

The reversible GAME BOARD may be purchased separately in the "Build-A-Game Board" Packet. 

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