Phonogram FUN Packet


Minimal expense for years of enjoyment!
  • 70 Phonograms & 29 Spelling Rules
  • Colorful gameboard & variety of card games
  • Designed for the Spell to Write and ReadLanguage Arts Program by Wanda Sanseri
  • Works GREAT with any phonics program!
We hope you’ll consider purchasing the 70 Phonogram Flashcards along with the Phonogram Fun Packet.  See them on our website!
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Product Description

Phonogram FUN Packet includes:
  • Reversible Game Board
    6 Teddy Bear playing pieces, 100 chips, 1 die, Wild Cards
  • Go The Row game cards (ie. Bingo)
  • Playing Cards: Phonograms/Spelling Rules
  • Reference sheets for Sounds/Spelling Rules
  • Directions for 9 FUN GAMES!

Spell to Write and Read Language Arts Program (Wanda Sanseri) provides detailed lessons for reading, spelling, grammar, basic handwriting and so much more! Not a consumable, you’ll use the program for four or more years, giving your students a SOLID FOUNDATION and indepth understanding of the English language.

See Back Home Industries and LITHBTH Educational Services for more information and complete program resources.