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Our Mission at Beall’s Learning Games is to:

Help children discover that “LEARNING CAN BE FUN!!”

Turn discouragement and frustration into accomplishment and SUCCESS!

Reduce the amount of time needed on standard flashcards.

Bring families together to have FUN and encourage one another.

The greatest challenge for most elementary students is the memorization of basic facts for phonics, spelling, math and geography.Rote memorization is boring for most people, and flashcards can be a source of contention between teacher and student. Beall’s Learning Games seeks to provide a means to achieving the goal of memorization while using GAMES to review and cement the information into the brain. We’ve been in business since 1991 and have received countless letters and calls to thank us for helping their children become successful in school. It’s been a Blessing!

Beall’s Learning Games began in 1991 when I attended Wanda Sanseri’s seminar (now called Spell to Write and Read). I told her about the games we played at home to help our two sons memorize the phonogram (phonic) sounds. She was very interested and asked me to produce them and she’d sell them with her program!

However, it really began in 1990 as we added our second son to homeschooling. The boys were in kindergarten and 2nd grade, and though the older one already enjoyed reading, his little brother had no interest at all! Trying to keep him focused on phonogram flashcards was like trying to nail JELLO to a tree! He kept sliding off the chair and under the table…in tears!!

It was literally an answer to prayer when I had the idea to use our large flashcards for card games…and immediately the TEARS turned into LAUGHTER!

(I’d been given the flashcards and didn’t know about the complete program at that time.)

Every day he’d ask me to teach him another phonogram so he’d have more cards to PLAY with! I couldn’t believe how quickly he was learning and by the end of the year, he’d memorized over 100 sounds and several spelling rules!! ~ It was hard to believe!

Through the year, I shared game ideas with friends and eventually with Wanda at her seminar.

The Phonogram Fun Packet was THE FIRST of many game packets I’ve created over the years to help children memorize and HAVE FUN! I hope we will be able to help your children, too!

The Foundation of our Game System: Teddy Bears on a Picnic ~ Tubin’ Down the River.

Children from preschool through sixth grade can play together on the reversible game board, reviewing different subjects, OR the same subject at different levels (dividing the deck).

Once the child has been introduced to a card (whatever subject), then that card becomes available for use. (Save all others.)

Each player lines up their playing cards (face down) along their side of the board. With each draw per turn (there may be several) player chooses from any cards / subjects available.

If identifying the card correctly, he keeps the card (and point!). If incorrect, teacher gives the correct answer. While looking at the card, player REPEATS THE CORRECT ANSWER THREE TIMES, then returns it to the bottom of the pile. (You’ll see how hard they work to remember it the NEXT time because they want that POINT!)

POINTS are totalled at the end of each game and recorded on the Tally Sheet.


Make a trip to the Dollar Store for a variety of small items plus sugarless gum, erasers, pencils, etc. If your child is asking for something in particular, consider placing it on the Treasure Chest List. Use yellow stickers to show Point Value like a price tag. After Game Time, players redeem their points (or save them) for a Reward.

Kids LOVE it! ~ IT WORKS!!

As working women (and we all are!) caring for our home and family, life can seem overwhelming!

There’s never enough time to accomplish what’s expected of us, and the simple loss of an important paper or a missed appointment becomes a CRISIS!

Not only do we have to keep track of everything happening in our own life, but also our husband and children’s lives….

Whatever helps us organize our time and keep track of PAPERWORK can be a LIFE-SAVER!

As homeschool moms, with full-time “Teaching” added to daily responsibilities and child care….we seldom have time to RELAX!

Even when we do, our minds spin as we think of what’s left to do, and “Did I FORGET something??”

PLANNERS are a valuable tool for “Freeing the Mind of Clutter”.

When something comes to mind, immediately write it down with “To Do List” clipboards around the house (upstairs, etc.) jot down thoughts and not forget them without running to Master Planner.

With a cup of coffee, ice tea or lemonade, and Planner at hand to jot down thoughts, even a short break outside (or in your favorite chair) can be relaxing.

Journaling is another valuable tool for “unloading your mind” of emotional clutter that accumulates each day.

PLANNING is a tried and true method used by successful people.  They say, “Without a PLAN…” (you fill in the rest)

Even if all you’ve ever done is jot down notes on the back of an envelope, it doesn’t always have to be that way.  “Every day is a new opportunity.”

PLEASE don’t think you need to use ALL the forms available in the packet because that would be stressful in itself!

Just pull the ones that apply to today and file others for later use.  KEEP IT SIMPLE and do what works for YOU!

We can turn things around with ONE DECISION for CHANGE. 

Life is God’s Gift and the only one we get!  “PLANNING helps us ENJOY God’s Gift of Life…One Day at a Time.”

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What a blessing your games are! Our children learn quickly when they’re having FUN, …and we accomplish several weeks of learning in a matter of HOURS!


Coupland, TX

“I have 8 children and as a homeschool mom I’m always looking for ways to bring my kids together.  We laugh and have fun, no more competition and tears, because everyone’s working at their own level to earn points for the Treasure Chest.  Thank you!”

H.S. Mom

Boise, ID

“I’m an after-school tutor and my students walk in the door asking, “Are we going to play games?”  Your games work so well for children who struggle in school and I’m so glad to have found them.  Thank you.” Tutor

San Jose, CA