Kindergarten Boy

BEALL’S LEARNING GAMES “UNIQUE” GAME BOARD allows Different Ages to play together while Reviewing Different Subjects at the same time!

Note: Players only draw cards they’ve already been taught.

Before Game Time begins, teacher chooses the subject playing cards each player needs to review and places in front of each player.

Maps are used for locating states, capitals and points of interest (geography playing cards).

When all players need to review the same subject at the same level, all playing cards are placed in the CARDS (box) on the game board.

When players need review of the same subject at different levels, teacher divides cards into decks (according to abilities), placing the decks in front of players.

After each turn (following the directions), players choose from any of the cards designated for him/her.

Flashcards are used to “Warm-up”, helping players collect MORE POINTS in the games!

Playing cards may be used as flashcards, using Reference Sheet to check answers. 

 Using this method, children reinforce memorization of several subjects during one period of time!

Your children MEMORIZING FACTS so fast, it’’ll be hard to believe!

 For questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! 

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